The girl behind the doodles.

The girl behind the doodles.

You got it, I’m here (and yes as per, I’m a little late to the party as you requested that I write a bio about myself two weeks ago or so.) I always struggle to write or talk about myself because just like everybody else, you don’t think you’re that interesting. It’s that one question that immediately makes me freeze up at a group interview or networking event,
Them: “Introduce and tell us a fun fact about yourself”
Me: “I’m Kate and I draw”

I’ve always been the “artsy” one throughout education and most of my friendship groups. Whether I’m picking up a pen, a paintbrush or mapping out HTML codes, I’ve always been interested in creating things. I won’t go into detail about how Kate Illustrate was founded but as a brief summary, I was a quiet yet frustrated second year Art student who wanted to be seen by people (you) who understand and get what I’m about - you don’t have to be moody to be artsy. So, I launched an Instagram page and dedicated it to my art and have persisted in posting and creating things that I actually like, ever since.

Much like my Instagram, I have grown and changed over the years. I wanted to start writing a blog to not only get any of the ideas I have hidden in my head onto paper but to relate to you on a level where you can hopefully start understanding the person behind the doodles as I’d like to think there’s MUCH more about me than being the “pens are friends” girl. So instead, I’d like you to think of me as your internet wine friend where we can discuss anything and everything.

Anyways, In short- I’m Kate. I’m 25 years of age (even though I’m often mistaken for 40,) I love colour yet I wear mostly shades of black and white, I will most likely tell you my entire life story (hence why the wine is needed.) My hobbies include play fighting with Maggie (my cat,) scrolling the likes of Pinterest, buying books with artsy front covers and reading only the first three chapters, attempting healthy food every-single-day and oversharing my thoughts with my friends. So if you’re interested in listening to the things that inspire me, my take on a Modern Wedding and real talk about anything and everything exploring the ins and outs of “what goes on in Kate’s little brain?” then this is the place for you.

I have just one rule- you must bring your own wine glass.

Love, Kate x