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Swarovski 'Brilliance for All'-  Live Artist at Elan Cafe, Mayfair

Swarovski 'Brilliance for All'-  Live Artist at Elan Cafe, Mayfair


8th March 2018

After staying up till 2am to finish the hand-written place cards and after travelling for a long 4 hours (2 hours of driving… “gliding” through thick snow) we finally made it to London with enough time for me to slap a bit of lippy on, change into some prettier footwear other than my zebra-skin converse and run through the Tube to meet the Swarovski Team at Elan Cafe.

Once the mad rush of finding the cafe was over, I could finally take in the sheer beauty of the whole event. From the floral wall murals to the hand-drawn latte art- I was in my element. I was sitting in the prettiest, most Instagram-worthy Cafe, surrounded by inspiring young women doing what I love to do best- draw!

I could waffle on for hours about how pretty the venue was but this blog is designed to be about what I get up to and most importantly, the work behind it all, so I best get down to the nitty gritty. With only three weeks notice, I was offered to work as a Live Artist, Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Calligrapher for the ‘Brilliance for All’ Swarovski Launch. I was to produce a digitally rendered evite and hand-craft multiple place cards in time for the event. I was beyond happy. I must have re-read the email about a bazillion times to make sure that I actually read it correctly.

But yeah, after several late nights and very early mornings, a spray tan faux pas and a very touch and go journey into London, I completed everything that I needed to do at my best standard prior to the launch and completed all 40 of the drawings that I had to do within 2hours on the day. I did good. It’s very rare for me to say that I’m proud of myself but after this weekend (for being memorable in both my private and my work life) I am very very VERY proud of myself.

Lots of Love,


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