2018, it’s a wrap!


2018, it’s a wrap!

The idea of starting on a clean slate excites me. Although you don’t need a new year to break your old habits, there’s something inspiring about the clock turning 12 and reflecting back on the year. I’ve had one of the most exciting years yet when it comes to Kate Illustrate. I’ve opened a shop, I’ve worked with so many different people and I’ve accepted and accomplished new challenges. It has been incredible!
I can’t wait for 2019. I’m entering the new year with absolutely no idea on what possibilities might come around the corner so in order to stay focused and organised, I’ve decided to be “that person” and write a list of Kate Illustrate New Years Resolutions:

1. Say “No” every now and then.
This upcoming year, I’m giving Kate Illustrate a bit of a declutter. I dream to run an organised, clear and structured business BUT, I’m a self-confessed “Creative Hoarder” (whether that’s an actual thing, I don’t know…) Basically, I say “yes” too often. I need to simplify what I offer in order to create a bit of a brand identity for myself and to essentially, create a strong product range- for example, think Cath Kidston, easily recognisable and as a consumer you would know exactly what kind of products she has to offer as a brand.

2. Set new habits every week.
It’s the little things that make a difference… waking up and going to sleep earlier, drink more water, buy sheets of paper before you get to the last sheet etc. etc. I could go on forever and list every little thing that would make a difference but it’s just too long and trust me, I love to waffle. So, if I stick to trying one new habit each week, I should hopefully become a little more organised and an all-round better person… again, hopefully!

3. Schedule Me time.
Sometimes you get so busy that you fail to see the finish line. That was me this Christmas- With my last minute opening of a the shop and getting through my already busy diary, I didn’t allow myself any me time. It’s silly really, you only end up stressing yourself and those around you out and completely losing track of any routine you might’ve had. This year, I am committing to a more organised lifestyle by structuring a healthy balance between work and life (me time) into my routine.

4. Believe in yourself
This one’s a big one really. I have so SO many ideas, dreams and goals and find myself not committing to them or even giving them a go. It’s silly really, you should never doubt yourself or compare yourself to someone who might appear more successful. We are all guilty of this and in the words of Sarah Knight, you need to start learning the “magic of not giving a f@*!” (I’ve read all her books and they’re hilarious… would definitely recommend if you’re a bit of a worrier/ hippy like me who needs some sense knocking into)
This year, I’m just gonna go for it. Why not? You know yourself better than anyone else, and if you believe in yourself others will follow.

Like I say, the list could spiral into a million possible things like, go somewhere exotic, swim with turtles or even learn how to ride a unicycle lol. But no, I’m keeping it short, sweet and doable. It’s a step in the right direction toward self improvement, positive habits and an easier year ahead. 

See you on the flip side.

Love, Kate 

Kate Mottershaw